All that leavens is not gold

Wheat germ is the most precious part of each grain. We have patented our own process for preserving its vitality

Our range of flour for your family

A special range of flour for household use, designed to give you amazing results every time. Bread, pizza and cakes

Our range of flour for your work

Flour and semi-finished products designed and produced to always give you unique results. Combined with your talent, they will form

On the table: space for your recipes

Find out how to let your imagination run wild in the kitchen. A wealth of recipes by the best Italian

Wheat germ. The spirit of the grain.

The heart of the grain, rich in nutrients. Molino Vigevano has found a way to extract it and restore it

Our initiatives for your pizzeria

Thanks to our in-store promotional activities, your pizzeria will be on everyone’s lips, orders will increase and so will your