Once upon a time…

Molino Vigevano was established in 1936, in an area with a rich grain milling tradition. The milling tradition in Monferrato has even older origins, and it still preserves its basic rural essence, which the founders transferred to the heart of Lomellina, with intense work and dedication, together with their knowledge and experience of milling.


The Gioppini family

Molino Vigevano began working alongside its customers, creating a supply chain to produce flour of the highest quality for specific production methods. This collaboration between producer and consumer gave rise to the greatest success of this operation, the renowned Gioppini Group, which was later sold to Buitoni.



Passion for Speciality Flours

Italiana Agroalimentari, the group's marketing company, was established and developed over the following 15 years with 3 highly successful projects: GRANFARINE, aimed at families, CUCINA D’AUTORE, mixtures and special flour for pizza, and FORNO MEDITERRANEO, semi-finished products for bakers.

Space for Innovation and Research

The Molino Vigevano team moved to a new establishment, with more advanced technology, in Mortara (Pavia), where they made semi-finished products of the highest quality, thanks to better equipment and a more advanced research and development laboratory.



A new era begins

The Lo Conte group, the leading Italian producer of speciality flours in family formats, acquired Molino Vigevano in order to give new momentum and vitality to the Molino Vigevano brand. Its four factories and plants, which are unique in Europe, provide a level of quality and service that were previously unimaginable.