Oro di macina
a treasure that is ours alone

What is Oro di Macina?
It is our flagship product, dedicated to pizza chefs, pastry chefs and bakers who want only the best.
It is a range of flours, designed and blended for specific uses, with added flakes of stone milled wheat germ, still vital and rich in nutrients.
What does it do?
It makes the dough more fragrant, tasty, digestibile and light. It facilitates water absorption, for better rising and performance. It favours a better Maillard reaction during baking, giving the products a more golden colour.

Il germe di grano
The most precious part of each grain.
A patent that makes the difference
Wheat germ is the most valuable part of each grain. We have patented our own process for preserving the vitality and active ingredients of the wheatgerm, through cold extraction and stone miling.
With this method, the germ is not toasted during the extraction process, unlike with competing products. This gives us a golden powder, which, when added to a selection of our best flours, makes them easier to mix, more fragrant, tastier, lighter and more digestible.