Wheat germ: our own treasure

It's the heart of the grain, the most precious part, still active, fragrant, golden.

The wheat's heart is actually a little treasure, rich of:
the wheat germ is an important source of high quality vegetable proteins
the wheat germ contains the 9% of fats, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6. They are essential for the growth and they safeguard the circulatory system.
fiber helps intestinal motility and it's recommended in low calorie diets because it makes the gastric mass volume grow and it gives full feeling.
The wheat germ contains a considerable quantity of Vitamin A and it’s a good source of Vitamin E. Furthermore, it's a really good source of all B-group vitamins.

Oro di Macina
Something new, testing good

Oro di macina is the only flour blended with raw and active wheat germ. It's our key product, thought for specific scope, especially for pizza makers, confectioners and bakers want the best.

What does it do?

  • It gives to the dough more fragrance, more digestibility, more lightness
  • It facilitates a better water absorption, for a superior rising and yield
  • It gives to products a golden colour
  • It consists in a series of flours, different from each other in rising times: short, middle and long

Una storia di benessere

Living well is eating well

Some years ago we asked a well known nutritionist how a flour containing whole wheat germ would be. A flour like the one ancient people did.

His answer was surprising: “A flour like that would have an unbelievable fragrance and an unbelievable taste, like ancient flours”.

A pizza made using wheat germ would taste better, it would be more fragrant and more digestible. It would increase the immune system, it would have a re-equilibrating effect on metabolism and it would slow down the aging. It would improve the sight and even the mood. In that moment we decided to create it, or to re-create it, to be more precise.

We selected the most ancient kinds of wheat, the best in x nutritive values and taste. We replaced the standard grinding method with another one, slower and more delicate, so that it wouldn't threaten the wheat germ's entirety.

During the normal grinding process to obtain white flour, in fact, the flour is separated from the wheat germ, and just starch and few proteins are left. Almost all vitamins, iron, magnesium and other precious minerals, all contained in the wheat germ, are lost!

Why did we decide to preserve the wheat germ?

Our forefathers identified the Wheat Germ with the “Wheat spirit”, a natural phenomenon given off every spring, when the seed seems to be still wrapped in the winter torpidity. A precious source of energy, health, vitality.

The germ is, in fact, the embryo from which the plant grows, it's the seed's most vital part, the one in which all the essential elements to generate a new plant and let it grow quickly are.

As well as our grand parents, we can also benefit from this vital energy source, re-introducing the wheat germ in our diet. The germ is capable to procure for us a rich and well-balanced contribution of nutritive supply. Plenty of natural and traditional remedies are often discredited from the scientific community, but there's one on which scientists changed their mind: the wheat germ!

It's a different flour, keeper of taste and tradition.

AThe germ was cold squashed to highlight its aromatic components and its healthy virtues; after that it was stonegrinded to release its distinctive taste; at last, it was blended with flour, that got in that way a delicate golden colour that inspired its name: “Oro di Macina”.

The precious powder obtained in that way, is added to our best selected flours, and it makes them easier to knead, fragrant, tasty, light and digestible.

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